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The action of brewing tea has been around for thousands of years and was originally brewed for medicinal purposes. Years later it was used as a relaxation beverage during social occasions, and did not always contain tea leaves but regionally sourced herbs.

In my home growing up tea was utilized as a way to celebrate in joyous times and a way to comfort during difficult times. When I brew tea today, the steam swirling from the cup, the sent, it brings me back to child hood memories that are a part of my energetic fiber today…

There is something soothing, familiar and ritualistic about having tea.  It provides an emotional sensory connection…the flavors the scents….

A steaming cup of tea is more than a beverage; it’s a full healing experience.

Tea has also long been recognized for its healing properties, due to the antioxidants found in many types of tea, and the restorative properties of herbal blends.

Mindful Mint herbal tea was blended with the intention of relieving tension and utilizing herbs that would allow opening channels for overall healing and enjoyment.

Some of the ingredients are listed with the medicinal qualities they contain.

Peppermint: antioxidant properties and neurochemical properties.

Rosemary: hailed since ancient times for alleviating muscle pain, boosting immunity, and supporting the circulatory system.

Lavender: relieves anxiety and stress, reduces inflammation and pain.

The essential oil used in this blend is a mood enhancer in the respect that it opens up a greater relationship with inner soul source energy.

So, gather and relax, experience great conversation and watch steam swirl from cups of scented teas. For further information on herbal tea blends contact Gale Barton…sweetferns@aol.com


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