Various educational and inspirational workshops are offered for adults and children groups as well.  Sharing knowledge of the mind, body connection and our abilities to assist our bodies in healing through our minds and hearts.  Artistic expression, and meditative art, and various forms of creativity are usually a part of workshops along with information for personal growth.

Are you aware of the healing qualities of creativity? Scientific studies have found significant changes in physical and mental health when we incorporate creativity and artistic expression into our daily lives. The peaceful, meditative qualities in creativity can have a positive influence on our emotional well being.

The meditative effects of creating allows us to disconnect from the hectic pace of life and ease into a higher level of self- connection. Being connected allows us to mentally alter our own state and aids in our overall health.

The next workshop will be:  THE FRAGRANCE OF FORGIVENESS

Setting the pace gathering: May, 21, 2016 10am-1pm


There will be discussion on forgiveness, forgiving yourself, forgiving others, letting it go……..KNOWING YOU MATTER!

We will enjoy a nourishing pot luck lunch together…I will provide a salad and teas….

Before we part we will talk briefly on healing effects of fragrance and we will make a lavender spray for your personal use.

Investment for this gathering is $25.00 and a contribution to the pot luck lunch.    rsvp to Gale by May 15th to reserve a spot.  I so look forward to being with all you beautiful women!

Until then……take time to stop and smell the roses, and live your life in FULL BLOOM…


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