Summer is coming to an end…but a new opportunity for new experiences and creativity flowing in with the crisp fall air soon to arrive! Have fun creating something fun. Take a walk in the woods and collect some of natures bounty. Come home and sit with a hot cup of chai and paint!!petals and paint 6







On On rainy days I love to settle in in with a fabulous cup of tea. I sit for a bit and just relax sipping and day dreaming of summers on the beach here at the Cape. Such a wonderful time during my child hood.  Sitting and relaxing and just day dreaming can add so much peace in our life…sit and sip for a while…IT IS GOOD FOR YOU !!    I also love to custom brew teas from wonderful organic herbs to refresh and restore ourselves. One of my favorites is Mindful Mint Magick herbal tea. It brings you to a peaceful place and relieves daily stress. Great for reducing tension headaches……


DSC_7500shannon cups