I am blessed with an innate ability to unleash the ethereal beauty that each person possesses.  My intuition, gift of honesty and open mindedness enables clients to walk away enlightened and refreshed.  Each one of our souls needs to be fed with pure love.  Allow me to guide you to set a pace in your journey that leads to peace and fulfillment.

I  easily share my talents and interests to educate others to step onto the path of practicing quieting there minds, letting go of stress, expanding consciousness and have fun while exploring their own creativity, personal power, and assisting with setting amazing spaces and a peaceful pace!
Are you aware of the healing qualities of creativity? Scientific studies have found significant changes in physical and mental health when we incorporate creativity and artistic expression into our daily lives. The peaceful, meditative qualities in creativity can have a positive influence on our emotional well being.

The meditative effects of creating allows us to disconnect from the hectic pace of life and ease into a higher level of self- connection. Being connected allows us to mentally alter our own state and aids in our overall health.
I have facilitated workshops with women of abuse and cancer survivors.
I was the feature editor and design consultant for the DOVETALES antiques and home magazine for 4 years.  This was an incredibly creative process in setting the stage for photo shoots and contributing creative ideas for feature stories. I was fortunate to be the owner of Sweetferns floral design, creating flower bouquets and room design for hundreds of brides in the Boston, Cape and RI area.

I obtained a certification in successfully completing training in the art and science of herbalism.  I have taken up a passion for blending restorative enjoyable herbal tea blends.

With an intention and mindfulness of spreading joy, happiness, healing and inner peace through artistic creations and expression, or simply purchasing an herbal tea blend,  personal heartfelt contributions are offered to all those who are open to receiving them. Whether you are simply moved to express yourself by creating your own space, or partake in an educational workshop…  welcome to . . . SETTING A PEACEFUL PACE..

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